Truck Load Freeflow® Sale 0% Financing for 48 months

For a limited time, get 0% Financing for 48 Months on our Freeflow® rotomold hot tubs.* Experience the luxury without breaking your budget.

Each Freeflow® hot tub is ​built for value​ and ​convenience​. Freeflow® Spas are incredibly durable because our manufacturing process produces a strong unibody (one-piece) hot tub shell, eliminating the need for an internal support frame. By reducing material and labor costs, we bring you a premium hot tub experience at ​a more affordable price​. Best of all, each Freeflow® hot tub can be plugged into a typical 110v wall socket; whereby, making these hot tubs ​super convenient to install​ just about anywhere.

Some of our customers have bought a Freeflow® hot tub to use at a rental property as they do not require modifications to the electric panel. Also, these hot tubs are ​great for camping or vacation homes​ –​ add a bit of luxury​ to your relaxing weekend away from it all.

PLUS, with tubs ​starting at $73 a month​ – this offer is a steal!

Special Freeflow® Sale

Offer Expires In:

*With purchase of a Freeflow® hot tub

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At Home Oasis, our goal is to make your home just as relaxing as a retreat. A place to gather with family, friends, or to just take some personal time to unwind & relax. We help you create a relaxing, fun environment that you can enjoy every day. Just imagine it: a place to get away from it all – right at home.

Home Oasis carries state-of-the-art Hot Spring® lines, including the Highlife®, Highlife® NXT, Limelight®, and Hot Spot® hot tubs, as well as the portable Freeflow Spas®. With our huge selection of both new and used hot tubs, you’ll be sure to find one that matches your dreams without breaking your budget. Our friendly staff and professional installers are on hand to find the right hot tub that fits your lifestyle & budget.

We can also add a splash of fun to your backyard with a swimming pool! We carry Radiant®, Splash®, and Celebration® above ground pools.

Home Oasis provides another great way to unwind after a long day: Saunas. We stock TheraSauna® and Brighter Days® infrared saunas – relax and turn your home into an oasis.

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